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Obaby UK is a family run business established in 2002 with one goal in mind: to provide affordable, stylish and practical nursery furniture 'for your baby.' This has always been at the heart of what we do, and years later, we are still providing quality products to an abundance of retailers and customers nationally & internationally. With a growing number of products to boot, Obaby is one of the biggest brands in the nursery furniture industry.




Obaby is a well established company that has exploded onto the nursery scene in 2002 with exciting and innovative products and reputation for quality, style and reliability.

From very humble beginnings as a wholesaler to the industry, Obaby has become one of the leading and most sort after brands in a highly competitive baby and nursery market. The first tentative steps into the industry came with the launch of the first generation Atlas buggies. These were very well received although within a limited number of outlets to begin with. However, as the stroller became ever more established and Obaby's reputation grew, more and more customers approached us and demanded our products and with this backing, support and confidence the brand expanded to become the Obaby that you know today.

Obaby now has some of the most popular individual products on the market and is committed to continue to serve the industry with both eyes firmly fixed on safety, design and style. Obaby aims to bring the customers the originality and reliability they demand and deserve with style, panache and flair always in mind.