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Posted by Matthew Sharp on 7th Mar 2021

Tempe tantrums.

Popular parenting wisdom advises dealing with toddler tantrums in one of two ways. Ignore the apparent attention seeking behaviour and reward the toddler when they are good, or discipline the toddler by punishing them through exclusion. The naughty step and time out are commonplace. Do…

Posted by Matthew Sharp on 7th Mar 2021

Baby trends and baby proofing

So with classic baby items like prams, outfits even names becoming a trend again I wondered if any of you guys have chosen anything classic? But that's a topic for the next blog. :)So baby proofing your house is one of the most important jobs of any household. And we offer some truly…

Posted by Matthew Sharp on 7th Mar 2021

The needs of today.

There are many things parents have to go through from messy nappies to  back seat screaming as a business we strive to help you and provide products that assist in the wonderful process of childhood. That's our job at bump and babes. So how do we aim to help you?  well it's…

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