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Posted by Matthew Sharp on 6th Jan 2017

Tempe tantrums.

Popular parenting wisdom advises dealing with toddler tantrums in one of two ways. Ignore the apparent attention seeking behaviour and reward the toddler when they are good, or discipline the toddler by punishing them through exclusion. The naughty step and time out are commonplace. Do…

Posted by Matthew Sharp on 27th Dec 2016

Baby talk

Hello again today were discussing baby talk and what ideally should happen of course every little ones different so don't worry if your little one seems to quick or a little slow they all get there eventually but ideally by 6 months, your baby should respond to sounds, be interactive with…

Posted by Matthew Sharp on 20th Dec 2016

Another update and classic trends.

So recently we've been undergoing some truly terrific changes. We have 2 new staff and with Christmas just around the corner we've been offering some great deals and have been very busy keeping up with things. So our website is constantly being updated but with the sole intention of h…

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