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What your little one need's.

Posted by Matthew Sharp on

Hello again guys I know this seems like a cliche topic but I want to discuss it because it really matters.

A child's basic needs are simple food/liquid, sleep, cleanliness and of course changing. But that's simply for survival and is every humans need. 

 A child although not fully developed yet, is so complex that it can be confusing as to what they need. When they cry they may be hungry, in need of a change or a sleep...but a lot of the time  they simply need a hug or some form of loving human contact. A toddler will continually look for human attention and interaction mainly by the parents and familiar faces. A little one needs to know you are there and are available for a hug or even just to play a quick game, by all means let them learn independence and grow into people but as parents your allowed random hugs, fun games, night kisses etc. 

The best thing you can do as well as maintain there human needs, show them love and kindness but as parents you already know that and that's reflected in our products. There are loads of little things that help both children and parents can to bond and i'll tell you those in a later blog with fun games and activities but now enjoy, play and love your little ones they don't stay like that forever.