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The needs of today.

Posted by Matthew Sharp on

There are many things parents have to go through from messy nappies to  back seat screaming as a business we strive to help you and provide products that assist in the wonderful process of childhood. That's our job at bump and babes. 

So how do we aim to help you?  well it's simple we take a product see it if suits you for your needs and budget and go from there, its that simple :) we'll talk you through the pram, car seat, push chair etc and you decide if you like it  or not, that's what were here for sounds simple....but a lot of places simply take your money and leave you, the other day we received a phone call regarding a carry cot, our sales leader Brandon was more then  happy too help, they said they were struggling with it and needed help building it to which he was more then happy to help, he greeted them in store and within 10 mins the carry cot was built and on the pram. It was refreshing to see someone very glad to help.

So whats the overall goal of bump and babes? Well of course were here to make profit but that's not our main aim, our main aim is to please customers and make you feel valued and happy. We want to take care of your needs and prioritize each customer and give you 100% satisfaction.

Now as we know your little ones keep you going and constantly on your toes and although there adorableness and cuddliness can be contagious... :) unfortunately the nappies, the crying and lack of sleep makes you question your sanity....but hey were here to provide you with the resources for your little one. :) 

Thanks Guys