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Parental inspiration

Posted by Matthew Sharp on

As parents we all know it can be very stressful but we need to savour each moment we have with our child whether boy or girl every child deserves love and attention, as parents we strive to do the best and then some....truth is its the little things that make a big difference from a quick hug to a random compliment can brighten a child's day. 

Toddlers need us just as much as we need them, they are entirely dependent on mummy, daddy or caregiver to love them, feed them, change them and play with them (not always in that order) and as parents this is a big part of having a child you constantly feel wanted.....and sometimes it's frustrating other times hilarious but in his/her eye's you are there world. When your little princess asks "daddy can i  have...?" or the prince says "mummy i need a hug" you feel wanted and although they may toddle off after that too go do very important things ;) just know in that short moment you've bonded with your child and he/she feels just as loved as you.

So going back to the little things....your little one is still discovering the world around him/her and this a great time to bond, your little monster is going to make mess on the floor, in the highchair even there nappy it's all part of babyhood but these don't have to be a chore as mum and dad your the one your giggle machine looks too you for guidance and lets be honest making a mess is very fun.....for them. ;)

The amount of times iv'e been at work and seen a child drop there teddy somewhere, only to see the parent rush to pick it up out of nothing but's really warming to see the love. 

We know the feeling of toys being strewn all over the living room, the stains that simply don't come out of clothes and the cheeky giggle of a toddler that's just done something they're proud of... truth is its these moments that make you appreciate your child and they invite you to there playful colourful world. It may be your house but when your little ones are  awake its there castle, there treasure island, there...what ever they want it to be, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Every parent see's good in there child and maybe some cheekiness, everything they do is cute, whether crawling to grab a toy to walking and running away from mummy and/or daddy. Playing games like hide and seek,tig even just building blocks together makes a big big difference, and lets be honest playing a kids game can be seriously rewarding.

Here at bump and babes we meet a lot of parents  and sell a lot of different products, but they all have one thing in common they're child is there world, some parents come to simply browse other with the sole integrity to buy a product but they all do it to keep there child safe and secure and to make them feel loved. 

That's the main thing with parenting you will always be loved and wanted it now always feel that way with the dummy throwing, pouting lips, crying which leads to screaming, dummy throwing but at the end of there little yet sometimes adorable tantrums  they will always return for a hug.....eventually :)