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Baby trends and baby proofing

Posted by Matthew Sharp on

So with classic baby items like prams, outfits even names becoming a trend again I wondered if any of you guys have chosen anything classic? But that's a topic for the next blog. :)

So baby proofing your house is one of the most important jobs of any household. And we offer some truly great products mainly by safety1st but from cupboard latches to the nursery door there are many things a parent needs to consider when baby proofing your house. So were here to help :)

Start off with the lethal cupboard, you know the one under the kitchen sink with all the cleaning products in, you’re going to need a cupboard lock and plenty of them, the last thing you want is your 2 year old stealing all the cookies or worse….the chocolate.

So of course for both the child’s safety and your piece of mind most if not all your cupboards require a lock whether internally or externally, we recommend internally as this minimises the chances of any accident.

Then you need a door stop or ring which helps avoid trapped fingers…..which are never good, the foam ring we sell absorbs impact and doesn’t allow the door to be fully closed so there’s no noise either, avoiding all accidents and as a bonus should your toddler ever to throw a tantrum…..they can’t slam the door.

Then there’s table corners, yes that’s right even table corners are a risk to your little one but there’s an easy solution, corner covers, these little moulds of soft material turn sharp corners into rounded almost harmless corners and trust me they make a lot of difference.

Apart from that the rest is up to you as parents J thank you guys.