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All new store, all new experience.

Posted by Matthew Sharp on

So since this is our first official blog post I decided to update you guys on the store, products and general baby/toddler things as well as answer any questions or queries you may have.

With our all new store and very new team our aim is to merge all 3 businesses into 1, when i started working here I had no idea just how many people rely on a team like us and just how important the products we sold are, sometimes in life things are unclear and this was one of those times, I've now been working for for about 2 months and I can say the people here are truly dedicated to giving the best experience. To all parents whether new or experienced I understand the struggle of babyhood and all the things that come with it, yet at the same time being able to help you was a great experience and hope to continue that. Our new store really is elegant from the pushchair displays to the mock baby room it's unique and just has such a cute look. Since i'm part of the new team I feel we all bring a certain energy of progression.

Also our heating has finally been fixed :) so to any customers that felt cold we apologies for that....we were  really cold too. 

With our displays placed around the shop and wide range from Silver cross, icandy, mammas &pappas and even babystyle I feel the store really is as diverse as it could be with brands such as chicco and quinny being a part of our range. We will be adding the new icandy orange to our display and the silver cross surf 3 so look forward to those. We always like updated products they inspire and innovate. 

We are also 3 business under one roof our main store is bump and babes but we also have a coffee a few stairs away always good to grab a coffee while shopping and next to that is an IT shop titled IT Jack for all your IT needs we do everything from repairing screens to installing new software. Were here for all your IT needs a lot of people forget we are all part of this business just ask and you shall receive....speaking of receiving our sale is now on and we have some great deals which are honestly worth grabbing while they're available.

Anyway thank you guys for the support and we hope to continue to grow and give you excellent customer service. :)